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Motor City:

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Our Comprehensive Services



If your pet has an emergency or a condition that requires surgery, Our veterinary specialists are trained in the latest state-of-the-art techniques…..

Veterinary Anesthesia


We meet many pet owners that are very worried about veterinary anesthesia and surgery or “putting their pet under”……..

Nutritional Counselling​


Grooming is not just about maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness. Grooming is about maintaining both your dog’s physical and mental health as well as appearance. 



Having bloodwork performed on your pet prior to having a procedure requiring an anesthetic is recommended. 



When your pet falls ill, Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic will be there to provide both scheduled and emergency medical assessments.



Vaccinations play an important role in protecting your pet from dangerous and potentially fatal diseases like parvovirus, canine hepatitis, and feline panleukopenia.

Pet Health Assessment​

Pet Health Assessment

Routine medical assessment of your pet is recommended every year. It is often referred to as an “annual exam”, or a “puppy or kitten wellness exam”.  Assess your pet from nose to tail.

Veterinary Dermatology​

Veterinary Dermatology

Skin problems are common in all pets, but they can happen for a variety of reasons. Allergies, external parasites, hormone imbalances, and autoimmune disorders can all lead to skin and hair problems.

Veterinary Ophthalmology

Veterinary Ophthalmology

Veterinary ophthalmic exams may save your pet’s eyesight, or save their eye.  Eyes that are suddenly red, blue, painful, or bulging are a veterinary emergency. 

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring & Emergency Care

While in our care, your pet will be monitored by a team consisting of veterinarians and qualified veterinary technicians. Patient monitoring can include a combination of the following, based on your pet’s requirements.

Veterinary Radiology & ULTRASOUND​

Veterinary Radiology & ULTRASOUND

Skin problems are common in all pets, but they can happen for a variety of reasons. Allergies, external parasites, hormone imbalances, and autoimmune disorders can all lead to skin and hair problems. 

Pet Behavioral Counselling

Pet Behavioral Counselling

The Pawsitive  Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer behavioural counselling appointments for your pet. Does your pet display behaviour that is frustrating, destructive and even dangerous? We can help.

Dental Care

Dental Care

Dentistry is important in pets too!  Similar to humans, pets require routine dental care to remove plaque and tartar-forming bacteria from their teeth. While dental home care, such as brushing.

Pet Identification

Pet Identification

Pet identification is an important safety measure for all pets.  Unfortunately, even the most responsible pet owners can’t guarantee their pets won’t get lost. 

Pet Accessories​

Pet Accessories

 At Pawsitive you can buy premium quality accessories like shampoo, towels, collars,  spike collars, dog sofa, hooks, dog house, cat collars, training tools, sprays and much more. 

Hospitalization ​


Periodically, pets require hospitalization to stabilize them during time of illness. The Pawsitive  Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped for advanced hospitalization and animal care.

Nutritional Counselling​

Nutritional Counselling

The veterinarians at Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic take special interest in veterinary nutrition and pride themselves on providing a professional, educated recommendation for your pet’s nutrition.

Pet Accessories​

Pet Accessories

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